ZAC Youth Page

Hello Everyone!

It's time for our next Youth event on Saturday October 6th! This is available to ALL ZAC youth members and parents of the younger kiddos! We will be exploring the mysteries of Egypt at the Exhibit of King Tut! We'll be able to see the exhibit, watch an IMAX film and get to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor!

Tentatively the time is at noon, however it will depend on the number of people and availability, so time is subject to change by an hour or 2.


ZAC member aged 4-17: $10  (subsidized value)
non ZAC member aged 4-17: $22

ZAC member 17+: $15  (subsidized value)
non ZAC member 17+: $30

Let me know if you have any questions!

PS: We well be doing an "after party" for the older youth in LA after, perhaps The Grove.. will decide closer to the day!

Roxanne Unwalla
ZAC Youth Coordinator

To register and pay online please click below.